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Fly the sky freely -- it was such a long time dream for mankind.
After Wright brothers changed the dream into reality, so many brave individuals had dedicated their life for flying. Flying simply grabbed people’s mind and never let them go away from it.

The roar from jet engine is the sound of freedom. I love the smell of aviation fuel in the morning.

Yes, I love to see the smoothly winged machine defy the earth gravitational forces. I love to hear the sound from the sky -- doesn’t matter whether it comes from the exhaust nozzle of gas-turbine, or the propeller blades that cut through the dense air. Lastly, these flying machine are just simply beautiful, regardless of in the air, or on the ground.

Hope you will enjoy my galleries.


Atsu Tayake - Photographer





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About Atsu

Atsu Tayake is a freelance photographer who is actively working for covering the various types of subjects in actions, sports, aviations, and events. His passion for Photography has been drive him to travel not only accross the United States, but foriegn country as well. Currently he submits photo articles to major aviation magazines in Japan, and actively covering various aviation events.